If you are confused or worried about using products containing Triclosan on your skin, then read this article to help clear your mind and make an informed decision and help you to clear you skin fast and effectively.  :)

Triclosan is an anti bacterial ingredient that is commonly used in products such as soaps and Triclosan Acne face washes as cleansers. However there is a lot of controversy and debate on whether it is beneficial and healthy to use on such delicate skin including on infected areas such as Chin Acne. It is easy to see why, as it is also a key ingredient in many house hold products such as toothpaste, deodorants, mouthwash, first aid creams and even in house hold cleaners to.

Despite it being effective in many of these products listed above, there is a growing debate from health care specialists and they are urging us all to avid this ingredient.

There are many reasons for this resistance but the min reason is due to Triclosans relationship with harmful bacteria. Many experts believe that regular use of Triclosan acne products will  actually make a users acne worse. Apparently it causes the harmful bacteria that helps a skin infection such as painful cystic acne to thrive, to multiply and spread. The theory is that  because Triclosan dose not kill 100% of harmful bacteria, the bacteria that remains spreads getting stronger and eventually becomes immune to anti bacterial substances. Resulting in them being very difficult to treat.

The company who develops Triclosan however, denies this argument. They say that the worry of the the ‘super’ bacteria is unnecessary. They emphasise that the chemical is not an anti-biotic but in fact a antimicrobial agent. The company continue to state that many of the hospitals they supply to, use Triclosan in order to fight the spread of infection and they have not witnessed or experienced a higher incidence of bacterial resistance.

Another more environmental issue is about the chemicals effects on our water supplies. Whenever an individual chooses to use Triclosan and then wash their hands afterwards, the water that flows down the drain permanently pollutes the water. 95% of Triclosan products are used and washed down the drain. Apparently the water treatment plants find it extremely difficult to remove from the water. This becomes a massive problem as the chemical is toxic to algae and can negatively effect he echo system.

So Do The Benefits Of Triclosan Acne Out Weight The Negatives?

This Is really a decision only you can make for your self.  If you are looking to find out How To Cure Acne for good, then i might just be able to help…

I used an acne product in the past before i was aware of the controversy surrounding it. I got it to help cure my bad skin as i was suffering with cystic acne at the time. Personally i did not find it very effective, but every one is different.

It is a fact however, that if you are serious about curing bad skin them it is best to avoid harsh chemical ingredients such as Triclosan Acne. A product with mainly natural ingredients are always the most effective and gentle on your skin.


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