If you suffer from breakouts of spots on your shoulders do not panic! Shoulder Acne and other forms of body acne is extremely common.

I myself used to suffer really bad with body acne, particularly on my back, neck and on my shoulders and also Chin Acne, so i can completely sympathise with you. It has since gone so read on to find out a few tips that hopefully will cure your Acne on Shoulder too.

Apparently experts are still not quite sure why we get sever acne on our shoulders. It is viewed as the same skin infection as regular facial spot as it develops in a similar way. However, the sebaceous glads on places like our back and shoulders are much larger than the one on our face. These larger glands can often produce more sever and painful spots such as cysts and nodules more frequently. Unfortunately the skin on our shoulders is a lot thicker than on our face a neck, consequently making the effects of treatment more challenging.

However, do not be put off. I suffered with it and after i did some digging and experimentally with natural and topical acne treatments, i have cured it for good, so you can too! Bo doubt you are looking to find out How To Cure Acne for good, well listen up…

Cure Your Shoulder Acne Fast And Effectively

Here are a few tips to try to cure that pestering body Acne...

Now i am sure that you are very clean and shower every day but i had to mention this tip. Hygiene is incredibly important when it comes to combating any signs and preventing acne. A build up of dirt and grease that you will naturally and unavoidably build up through out a day, is one of the biggest reasons people suffer with facial and body acne.

Simply make sure you have a warm bath or shower at least once a day. More if you do a lot of physical activities that will cause you to sweat.

Regular showers with hot water will help you to clean away any built up grime, leave you feeling fresh and brand new and most importantly, it will prevent your pores form getting clogged and resulting in spots.

Check Your Shampoo
If you are getting acne particularly in places such as your shoulder and back, it is a good idea to double check the shampoo you are using. It may be causing you to have some sort of skin reaction and irritation that is ending up in acne.
Simply change your shampoo and see if your skin improves.

Check Your Soap and Shower Gel
Just like with your shampoo, your soap or shower gel maybe causing painful breakouts. Just spend a little time on experimenting with your soaps to double check that it is not an ingredient that is irritating your skin.

Personally when i did this i discovered that i actually have an allergic reaction to jojoba in my shower gel. It was not the culprit to my shoulder and back acne but it did irritate it and make it worse. So i was really please when identified what it was that was making me come out in ichy red blotches.

Find an Effective Topical Acne Treatment
If you are not seeing an improvement after following the steps above, it may be time for you to consider a topical acne treatment. In fact was a treatment that i eventually discovered that finally cleared up my acne.  There are so many acne treatments on the market to day that finding the right one can be quite over whelming and a tricky challenge.

I always recommend that before you purchase any acne treatment, especially if it is a little pricy (as unfortunately all the best and most effective and fast acting cures are) make sure you try one that has positive reviews.

All acne products, no matter if they are good or rubbish, praise themselves up for working. Of course they are going to say this, it is to get us to part with our hard earned money. To avoid making any mistake and wasting good money, it is worth trying a treatment that has successfully cured lots of peoples acne.

This is something i foolishly did not do for a long time which resulted in me wasting a lot of my time, effort and money on dud products. It is not good enough to go with a massive brand name and assume it will work.

I researched on the Internet and found a great product with only raving reviews. It also had a  whopping whole year money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so their was absolutely no risk. It cleared my skin up a real treat and i was soooooo happy. I will leave a link here in cause you want to read more about the product yourself.

Click Here To Find Out More On The Fab Acne Product That Cured My Acne

There are also some natural acne busting tips that are a great idea to use along side any topical treatment.

Eat Healthy
Your diet is incredibly important. Fatty, sugary and processed food can cause major breakouts. So if you know you are guilty of never eating your greens and surviving on foods that are high in saturated fat, then stop!  By stopping you should see a dramatic improved in your complexion.

Drink plenty of water
You have probably read this many time before, but if you want to get that Hollywood crystal clear skin, you are going to have to drink a lot of water. Skin experts recommend we drink 8 glasses of water a day. Now if you are anything like me you may find this rather daunting. Just drink as much as you comfortably can and then gradually increase you intake.

So there you have it, some top tips to curing Shoulder Acne. I really hope you find them useful and effective. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on my email and i will try and guide you i the right direction the best i can.

Just stay positive, your acne will be cured! :)


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