There are many theories flying around claiming which foods can cause or make your acne worse, So please do not take this literally :)
This is just a quick outline on the foods that have been rumored to make acne worse by acne suffers, some parts including myself and how it made my face acne breakout.


So my top Foods That Cause Acne are as follows:


Fish is rich in oils and omega 3. As we know a lot of acne is caused by our oil glands over producing, this causing blocked pores and breakouts. So more of these kinds of oils for some of us will make matters worse. While fish oil is great for treating depression and inflammation within the body, it is not so helpful for acne sufferers and their skin.


Coffee is not the most nourishing substance for our skin as we know, but it is awful for acne spots. I had some of the worst outbreaks while i was on the coffee trip! It dehydrates the skin and has adverse affects. I am not saying coffee is Bad for you, actually the media state otherwise… Its just your skin will suffer from the caffeine intake while trying to cure acne for good. If you drink lots of coffee, trying cutting down and see of your acne manages to clear up? Worth a try :D

Fatty Foods

Butter, Burgers, chips, fried foods, chocolate, crisps, foods with lots of oil like Indian dishes, English fry ups, processed foods etc…. I’m sure you get my drift :)

As much as we all love these types of foods, they are bad for you in high quantities. I have never met someone who has a high intake of fatty foods and have great skin at that point in time. Again they contain unhealthy amounts of oil that fuel your acne and make matters worse. Substitute fatty junk food for fresh fruit and vegetables high in iron and protein if you can.

Sweet foods

Soft drinks and confectionery, sugary sweets, cakes, biscuits, sugar in general!

If you want to know How To Cure Acne than stay clear of Sugary foods and drinks! They are a no no when it comes to clearing your acne up, all the health experts are claiming this is one of the biggest causes of acne breakouts.  To be honest i never ate to much sweet foods, so from personal experience i cannot comment but, my sister was a massive lover

of her sweet foods and every-time she would eat them she would get an mass acne breakout. She tried not eating sugar foods for a while and her skin seems to clear quite significantly until she was back on the sweet stuff again! So yes i can imagine there is a lot of truth in this one.
So all, remember the secret is don’t have any treats that make you feel good at the time, no fast food, no oil, no fat, No exciting foods at all really……….. Tut Tut Let me know how it goes if you do decide to cut all this juicy food out of your diets :D

You’ll be braver than me !!

So just to summarize,  Foods That Cause Acne =   Everything?


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