Hi all, Ella here!

I created this blog site to help acne sufferers like myself find the best acne treatment on the market today. I was recommended an acne solution that stated it would clear most peoples acne within a month or your money back. So i documented the treatment process to publish in the hope that if the outcome of my treatment did work like it stated, it would benefit others in the hope of curing their acne.

Well if you are anything like me, you do not want to waste your time, effort and most importantly your money on a product that simply does not work!

Best Over the Counter Acne Treatment on the market?

This is my documented experiment with the treatment below.

This has took quite a bit of confidence to publish these pictures of myself… But if it helps just one person its worth it :D

best over the counter acne treatment

*Me BEFORE and AFTER Treatment*

Close Ups During My Acne Treatment

best over the counter acne treatment

over the counter acne treatment

CLICK HERE To Go To The Official Acne Treatment Site I Used

There is a vast sea of countless acne products on the market today, But unfortunately with such a delicate and personal problem as facial or body acne, it is notoriously difficult to sieve thought all the rubbish and find an effective solution. Preferably one that actual does what it preaches on the bottle, cure your acne once and for all!

On my search for an effective treatment I stumbled across one that claimed to clear up any form of acne within just one month. After reading many positive customer testimonials, I was still rather doubtful that any treatment could clear up my spots that fast. However, I decided to give the product the benefit of the doubt as they offered a money back guarantee if their product did not work for me, so I felt no risk.

I thought it would be beneficial to document the whole process. In my mind perhaps only to prove the acne specialists wrong. However to by utter astonishment and as you can see below, my acneactually cleared. Not with in the 4 weeks the product had said, but with in just 3.

I suffered with acne for many years. But it was not just a few simple pimples here and there, i am talking serious cystic acne. Sore, red lumps. They particularly got bad in my early teens and taunted me right in to my mid twenties.

Acne Treatments & Remedies I Tried – but failed….

I tried everything I could think on how to cure acne... Ranging from changing my diet. I focused on mainly consuming fresh fruit and vegetables. I even went to the extreme of cutting out dairy products to see it that was the reason my skin was always riddled with spots. This was extremely difficult as i love all things cheesy and chocolatey. Yum!

Basically if there was a secret acne busting tip or trick, I bet you i have tried it! I was so desperate to conquer the war against acne and find the genuine best over the counter acne treatment as i hated waking up day after day with suffering low confidence. I hated having to constantly cover up with thick make up 24/7 and stress about never been seen by anyone without any on. My confidence dipped to an all time low after I reached my twenties as all my close friends who i had previously suffered alongside in our teens, grew out of theirs. I felt like the odd one out, the ugly duckling.

I also went to the extreme measure of going to my doctor, who referred me to a dermatologist. I was prescribed medication but these were as equally unsuccessful as the other once hopeful acne solutions. Plus the price of the mediation was making a big whole in my purse as it did not make sense to keep spending on an ineffective product.

pills acne

What I really wanted was the Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment that I could purchase easily when ever I ran out, instead of waiting for it to get prescribed by my doctor. But what I ultimately wanted, and I am sure just like you, is an effective, reasonably priced acne treatment that actually cured acne for good.

Luckily I came across a great acne product. Within about one month the acne I had been battling with for years was quickly clearing up.

Here is my documented weekly journey and experience with this top best over the counter acne treatment I found

acne treatment

*Week One Right Side*


*Week One Left Side*

As you can see I had some really nasty cystic spots and acne scars on my cheeks, chin, neck, well all over really. I also had a lot of acne scars left after many years of cystic spots.


best acne treatment

*Week Two Right Side*

counter acne treatment

*Week Two Left Side*

As you can hopefully see my skin infections have cleared up considerably in only one week. I was so happy and surprised to say the least.


acne treatment

*Week Three Right Side*

how to cure acne

*Week Three Left Side*

By the third week my acne had 94% cleared up altogether. Not only did the solution effectively tackle my facial spots, but it also cleared my neck and back acne. My acne scars were also dramatically faded. :)

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Close Ups Of My Skin In Detail…

Right Side

acne spots

*Week One*

spot treatment

*Week Two*

 best over the counter acne treatment

*Week Three*

Left Side

 best over the counter acne treatments

*Week One*

the best over the counter acne treatment

*Week Two*

over the counter acne treatment

*Week Three*

Why Choose This Acne Treatment?

I decided to give this product ago ( i can not mention it by name on my site for copyright reasons) after only finding raving reviews on it. I have been burnt in the past buying acne products without reading any reviews on the product in question.
So now I always do extensive background research to make sure it is worth my faith, time, effort and of course my money.
On top of the great reviews the reason that finally tipped me over the edge into getting the product was because it is a renowned acne treatment developed by professionals.

I purchased the treatment though the original products site itself. (I recommended you all do this when buying a treatment, so you can stay confident that you are buying form a safe and trustworthy site.) The treatment actually has a 100% Money Back Guarantee for a Whole Year if you are not satisfied, no questions asked…. I know, I thought it was to good to be true to but it is no joke!

The creators of this spot solution promise that you will experience dramatic results in under a 30 days as well as seeing excellent results month after month.

I am so grateful to this product as it really has turned my life around. It sound so cliche but finally having a clear complexion after a decade my self confidence just grew and i feel great.

It mentions on the products website that they carried out a global survey and results showed that a whopping 98% of users saw a much clearer complexion. Originally I found these statistics rather hard to digest but after having experiencing the treatment first hand myself I feel a silly for doubting it as I too would be part of the 98% success rate this treatment has. Out of all this pimple busting techniques I have tried, this treatment wins for me hands down for me.

CLICK HERE To Go To The Official Acne Treatment Site I Used

I hope you have found my article helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you the best I can. Good luck curing that stubborn acne! I always love to hear from people who have had success clearing their acne, so please drop me an email if you can. And if I can be of any assistance at all please also get in touch :)

12 Responses to Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment – What Works?

  1. Donnalyn says:

    I am also suffering on this so called acne. My question is, where can we buy ‘ Best Over The Counter Acne Treatment ‘ here in the Philippines? I really want to use it too.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Donnalyn,

    Thank you for coming to my site :)

    The beauty of buying any sort of product, acne or otherwise, off the Internet is that you can get it shipped straight to your door no prob, not matter what country you reside. So to get an effective acne treatment in the Philippines i would recommend getting online, that i what i did with this product.

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. Cat says:

    Hi Ella,
    I am suffering with very oily skin, and just like you, have tried many skin products that have never helped.

    I know to reason i have acne is due to the oil clogging my pores, so do you reckon the treatment you recommened will help?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Cat, thank you for your comment.

    Well, a friend of mine used this product with oily skin, she said it worked well and was pleased with the end result. Personally I have combination skin, which is a bit dry and oily at the same time, and the treatmented worked well for me.

    A good acne product should work for any kind skin, dry, oily, combination, sensitive or other wise.

    Hope this answers your question :)

  5. Holly says:


    Your skin looks really amazing! I am very interested in the treatment.
    I have had chin acne for a ages now. I’m not sure if it is stress that causes it and prevents it from clearing or if it is the product that i am currently using. Every morning and night I wash my face with Principal Secret, but it’s not working at all and I still have the embarrassing chin acne. So I may look more into this… But I have one question… now that your skin has cleared, do you continue to use this treatment for prevention or do you use something else just as a cleanser?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Holly,
    Thank you for the lovely compliments :)
    Since using the product i personally have not had to use it again, although i have got some back up just in case.
    At night time and in the morinings i just us a cleanser for sensitive skin and i also exfoliate my face and back every 3 days to prevent any open pores getting clogged up.

    Hope this answers your questions!

  7. Sal says:

    Omg! Have been using the product you suggested for two weeks now, and really really happy! My skin is clearly getting better.

    I have to wear far less make up to cover up, am so pleased.

    thank you Ella for bringing my attention, So happy! xx

  8. admin says:

    :) Great to hear you are having success!

  9. Margo P. says:

    Hi Ella, I’m Margo from the Philippines. I’ve looked into the site of the product you’ve used.
    Actually i’ve already come across that site before, and at that time i was using another product which is endorsed so lucratively by BIG celebs like K.Perry, J.Beiber etc…. and now i have just finished it’s 60day kit and i can’t help but to be disappointed. I’ve wasted my money plus, I can’t use the money Back guarantee because apparently it’s not the same here in the Philippines (here you have to file for the MBG within 25 calendar days of purchasing the product and the bottles must contain at least 50% of its contents)…. really sucks… . i’ve been suffering acne for a year now and i really don’t know what to do…. i’m not myself anymore. I can’t even stand my own family looking at me, i always want to be alone, i don’t go out of the house. I’m that scared that people might look at me and be disgusted. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I even stopped communicating with my friends………. sigh………………………….
    But i’m still determined to try and fight against acne…. and i’m gonna start by looking up this treatment that you’ve used… i have read lots of reviews about this product…and i’m really willing to try this out!……. hoping that this will be the answer to my problem!//////// thanks for sharing you experience with this product… i’ll come back hopefully with positive results…

  10. Ella says:

    Hi Margo, i have sent you a rather long email with my reply, but if you see this too here is a quick reply – First of all, well done for being ‘determined to fight acne’, that’s the spirit, don’t let it control your life! I too tried out proactive before i tried Exposed but just like you, i wasn’t impressed. I suggest you maybe give Exposed a go, but contact them first to make sure you are covered by the money back guarantee just incase it doesn’t go the way you want. A few spots or scars does NOT make you ‘disgusting’ at all, you are still you. Do not forget that spots are ‘temporary’ and WILL go! :)

  11. KC says:

    Hi Ella, I came across your blog while searching for this wonderful product online. I also noticed how much comments you’ve gotten from the Philippines! However, they don’t ship to the Philippines, and I’ve been searching all over the internet for over a month now trying to see if there are resellers who ship to here. I’ve been suffering acne since I was in 6th grade and now, I’m 23 years old and working already. I’ve tried everything there is to try and nothing worked for me permanently. It would solve my acne problems for a while but after a few weeks, they’d all pop out again. :( After reading about this glorious product on various sites and seeing what it has done for you, I’ve been insistent in finding a reseller that could ship the product here. I’ve also tried emailing the people behind the product and they told me that they could no longer ship directly to the Philippines because of customs issues… Also, I have no relatives whatsoever living in the US but I am still sure I’d be able to find a way to get my hands on the product! Any help/tips you could give me would be really really really great. And congratulations on finally defeating acne! ;)

  12. Ella says:

    Hi KC!

    Thanks for your kind comment :) Sorry to hear you’re having problems ordering the product to the Philippines, I just do not understand why Exposed do not ship there…. It’s a pitty because I have had a lot of emails stating this problem.

    Hmm… Have you tried ebay, Amazon etc? Sometimes exposed products sometimes pops up on Ebay. Also sometimes it’s good to have a look on ebay.com and ebay.uk to see if any of the local sellers will ship over to you. I’ve done this before with other beauty products in the past and some have agreed.

    I really hope you find the kit somewhere online! Let me know how the search goes, I’ll also do a little research on my side and let you know if I find anything.

    Good luck on your journey to clearing acne!

    Ella x

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