My Acne Treatment Experiment


Hi Everyone, thanks for visiting my acne blog :)

If your suffer from spots, and have been searching for the solution on how to cure acne, my recent acne experiment may help you to decide on which acne treatment might be best for your skin type. This blog I have carefully listed the many ways I tried to clear my acne, and documented an experiment I created to help other acne sufferers like myself.

cure acne

*Me BEFORE and AFTER Treatment*


Close Ups Of My Acne Whilst Using Treatment…

acne cure

how to cure acne

My Story I’m Sure Most Acne Sufferers Can Identify With…


I myself have had an ongoing struggle with acne problems. This started from when I was in my early stroppy teens and followed me into my mid 20s! I was a regular at the doctors surgery, getting prescribed skin solutions, skin tablets, diet plans, you name it! I went from one drug to the next with very temporary results until my acne returned.

I was frustrated and was suffering from low confidence, it did not help that most of my friends had ravishingly clear skin. I felt the ugly duckling in comparison. It did not matter how many compliments my family gave me. I couldn’t see past my dry skin and my painful facial spots that greeted me every morning. Not only did I have facial acne, I also suffered with back pimples with enough to play dot to dot!

I have tried countless products, tips and tricks to try and cure it. I eventually came across a treatment that had raving reviews. So as an experiment and a last attempt to cure my bad skin before I lost all hope of ever being rid of it, I decided to document the products effects on a weekly basis in the hope of helping others as well as myself.

The treatment in question vowed to cure any acne, not matter how severe, within 4 weeks. I was not a believer of this bold statement but thought I’d make a review, perhaps only to prove the product wrong. I has been let down by every acne product I had brought and assumed this would be no different. But all pride set aside I admit I was wrong.

To my huge surprise, not only did the topical treatment heal my painful cystic spots, but it did it within 3 weeks not 4, as you will see later on my pictures in this blog. As you can imagine after battling with my skin for over 10 years I was completely elated and shocked that something had actually worked!


Click This Link To Read More On The Acne Product I Used

This Cystic Acne Treatment (Exposed Skin Care) Has had a massive response from the media and the public, its been featured on the news and in highly publicized magazines. I felt safer trying it with all the media spotlight on it, and that it wasn’t just another scam.

I purchased the Treatment the same day. It had a 100% Money Back Guaranteed For a Whole Year if the user was not completely satisfied. No questions asked, so i felt secure that i wasn’t losing out on any of hard earned money.

They Promised that we will see dramatic results and clear skin in just 30 days. Plus they made a promise that you will constantly see excellent results season after season.

So I gave it a go and the rest is history…or rather shall i say …”My bad breakouts are history!” :D

My Acne Treatment Results


Here Are My Weekly Photos For You To See Just How Quickly The Acne Treatment Helped My Skin

Please note I am not wearing any make up in any of the photos, except for mascara and eye pencil. I have tried to keep the lighting, background the same and wear my hair up so you can clearly see my blemishes and the results of the treatment. I am quite embarrassed by showing these pictures, but to help any acne sufferer it’s worth it :)

Week One

curing acne

*Week One Right Side*

acne treatment

*Week One Left Side*


As you can see, in week one I had a lot of blemishes! Cystic spots, old scars, under the skin bumps etc. I also had a lot of patchy dry redness to put up with. Plus, it wasn’t just facial blemishes I had, I also had some on my neck, chest and lots on the top of my back.

Week Two


natural acne treatment

*Week Two Right Side*

acne cure

*Week Two Left Side*

Hopefully these images are clear enough for you to see that by week two my skin had started to heal rapidly. I had some painful and stubborn acne around my jaw and mouth that i had been battling with for ages, which is now completely gone. :) My patchy redness also significantly reduced. There was still a little around my nose, but i found my completion and skin tone was definitely a lot smoother. One particular result i noticed and was excited about, was that my scars were fading. This was a massive relief as i thought i was going to be stuck with permanent red marks on my face forever.

Week Three

how to cure acne

*Week Three Right Side*

cure my acne

*Week Three Left Side*


My skin tone was much smoother and paler. My scars were continuing to fade. They are not completely gone just yet, but they have been their from years of skin problems. So to get rid of them all in just 3 weeks was a lot to wish for. My back had also healed considerably as well. I no longer have any spots or blemishes and i have been told that my scars have faded a lot from there too. :)

Link To Visit The Acne Treatment Site

Close Ups Of My Acne In Detail…


Right Side

Acne On Chin

*Week One*

spot treatment

*Week Two*

cured acne

*Week Three*

Left Side

cystic acne

*Week One*

spots on chin

*Week Two*

how to cure acne fast

*Week Three*

This treatment has really turned my life around. It sounds so cheesy but it gave me a massive confidence booster!

CLICK HERE to Visit The Acne Treatment Site

They did a worldwide survey and 98% of users saw much clearer skin. Well, i thought that this was a pretty impressive statistic and before i used the product, i found it hard to believe. Since using the product i feel silly for every doubting it. Out of all the pimple busting treatments and techniques i have put my skin though, this is the only one that truly worked and the only one i would wholeheartedly recommend.
I know that if you are struggling with spots or scaring, whether it is facial, body, you will not be disappointed! It is a fantastic product. After years of trial and error with countless other products i have finally settled with this Cure and will use no other. Simply because it has worked wonders, and why change a great thing?

The Positives And Negatives

Like I stated previously this is my honest experience, so here are the good and bad points about this product.

Negatives :(

* It is not always a next day quick fix – so don’t be put off, the golden rule is to stick with it and you will achieve results. It depends on how severe your skin is. It may take bit longer to heal. But will be worth it.

* It will take a tiny bit of dedication. Some times you may feel a bit lazy and can’t be bothered to wash you face and apply the cream. But if you really do want to be rid of any nasty spots then i would seriously advise you to give it ago. No pain no gain, as they saying goes.

*It is not next day delivery, US get the product fast but us worldwide folk have to wait up to a week.

Positives :)

* Fantastic results. My skin has totally cleared up. I started seeing an improvement within just a few days.

* I think it is possible for your skin the clear up within just a couple of  days but that does depend on how severe your spots are.

* It helped dramatically with my scaring.

* It helped with my redness. A patchy, blotchy and dry redness is a thing of the past.

* The treatment mainly involves natural supplements so I felt safe and secure that I was not putting anything artificial and chemical ingredients onto my skin.

* I found the topical treatments very simple, easy  and quick to to use, which is just what you want early in the morning or late at night.

* But of course the most positive and permanent result of this was that my acne had gone and even my severe back spots- Yay!

* I got rid of my spots and Chin Acne surprisingly quick and my skin totally healed and I was left spot free.

* It has also helped tremendously with my scars. After years and years of painful cystic spots i was left badly scared. Dark red and sometimes still rather sore. I used to hate winter coming around and the cold wind used to always make they glow dark purple and no amount of thick make up would hide it. It was so embarrassing and i felt really self conscious. But thankfully that is now a thing of the past. I can go and enjoy getting completely frozen to an icicle if ever the urge comes and not panic about my many dark scars. The product really helped them to heal. It was amazing as i thought i was stuck with them forever.

*Worldwide Delivery

I can not describe how happy I am and how free I feel. It sounds silly but it has boosted my confidence so much I actually occasionally go shopping with NO make-up.

This is so shocking for me as before I would plaster on foundation and concealer in a desperate attempt to cover up my lumpy, red chin acne. I can also where more revealing tops as my back has healed, which is so fab for the summer. Plus I no longer spend loads of dosh on endless moisturizers and spot creams to tone down my facial redness and dry skin.

I highly recommend to just check it out because it might just work for you to!

CLICK HERE To Visit The Product Site That Helped Me :)


33 Responses to My Acne Treatment Experiment

  1. Selene says:

    Hi Ella,
    I have very oily skin, and as you, have tried many products that don’t do much. Of course, the cause of my acne is the oil that clog my pores, so do you think this treatment you recommend will help?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Selene. My friend used this product with oily skin, she said it worked well. I personally have combination skin, which is a bit dry and oily at the same time, product worked great.
    Hope this answers your question :)

  3. Caroline says:

    Your skin looks great! I am interested in the product. I’ve had chin acne for a while and I don’t know if it’s stress that keeps it from not going away or the product I’m using. I wash my face with Principal Secret but I still have the emabarassing chin acne. So I may look more into this.. But I was just wondering.. now that your acne is gone do you continue to use this product for prevention or do you use something else just as a cleanser ?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Thanks for your question. Since using the product after it cleared my skin i have not had to use it again, i have just been using a sensitive cleanser for my face and exfoliate every 3 days.
    I’ve got some back up though that i have not needed to use.
    Hope this answers your question :)

  5. Josie says:

    Omg this product has saved me and given me quality of life again and my confidence back! thank you Ella for bringing my attention, So happy! xx

  6. viv says:

    Hi Ella!! I am having the same problem you had here and I have recently purhased the treatment and waiting for it to arrive. Just wondering, how did you apply the treatment to your back? Did anyone assist you? And was one set of treatment enough for you to cure both your face and back? Please kindly advise, thanks!!

  7. admin says:

    Hi Viv, thanks for your comment! When i first purchased it i got the large sized pack, not the trial as i did have quite a lot of spots and it was better value for money at the time, but some people with very mild acne might suit the trial or middle pack. Large size was just the right amount for me. But i’ve got back up i brought later just incase my acne came back!
    I applied the treatment to my back myself, as my acne was mainly at the top so i could reach it ok, but you may need a helping hand if its in awkward places. Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after, the pack comes with instructions so no need to worry :) Any more advice ask away.

    Just to let you know that if anyone has left comments that i have not got back to, there has been ongoing problems with my server so i apologise and please get back in touch if you need any help :) Hope your all well!

  8. jennifer says:

    I for the first time broke out in absolutly horrible chin acne over the weekend. I got a prescription for it but I have gotton the opposite of what I was looking for. Can the product FOR SURE help my acne? Or is gonna make it worse? I’m despret: (

  9. admin says:

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for your comment.

    Sorry to hear about your break out, but don’t worry it can be sorted! Prescription drugs can work great for some people but personally i never had any luck with them, and they get very expensive as you have to keep them up. I have tried loads but i mainly used one called erythromycin which i used for about 2 on and off. Complete waste of time as the acne always came back and it came back with even nastier break outs, so yes a lot of money wasted on my part.

    For me this product worked fab, but of course every one is different. However, for what i have read and seen i know it has worked effectively for loads of other people (friends included) and have only read great reviews on the treatment, which is always a good sign.

    The treatment company offers full money back for a whole year, so i always saw it as a plus that if the company was offering this the treatment must be good, or they stand to go bankrupt, and it was a million times cheaper than what i was paying for prescriptions.

    I hope this bit of information helps and your skin clears up real soon :) Keep me updated.

  10. Luke says:

    OMG its working!!!! I had my doubts but its really working! Its been a week and there is already a difference. Thanks for the tip, will keep you updated. cheers!

  11. May says:

    Hi Ella

    I just wanted to say that i brought the product you recommended on your site, and i’m only on week one, but have already seen great improvements in my skin!

    My spots are definitely healing ALREADY.

    Looking forward to it all finally clearing.

    Thank you for the great advice

    May XX

  12. admin says:

    Hi May and Luke, great to hear it is working for you too!!! :)

  13. Jack says:


    I’m having acne problem since 3 years ago. I visited the website and there are 3 different kits(trial,basic,ultimate). Any suggestion to purchase which three of the kit?

  14. admin says:

    Hi Jack,

    Depending on how much acne there is to cover, the basic is usually recommended. Its good value for money and you get plenty in the box.
    Ultimate i guess is for severe acne with more places to cover. Trial, i would say is great as a top up pack as you don’t get anywhere near as much as the basic.
    Hope this helps :)


  15. Summer says:

    I’d like to say thank you for making this website. As a teen it’s so easy to feel down particularly when your friends somehow all have perfect skin all the time – this is a real encouragement, and I’m going to order a kit. Thank you xx

  16. admin says:

    You are very welcome Summer. Thank you for your lovey comment :)

  17. Linda says:

    I am 43 and have been fighting acne since I was 19! It was pretty good the last 2 years but now has returned with a vengeance! I just read your whole blog and went to the site and read the whole thing! I ordered the product and I am SO excited to receive it!! Thank you SO much for your website and information!!! I will keep you posted with my results. BTW….about how long does it take to receive the products?
    Linda Appleton, WI

  18. admin says:

    Hi Linda!

    Thank you very much for your message, and compliments about my blog. Sorry to here about your acne returning! But it’s great that you’re taking the steps to clear it up :)
    It should arrive within a couple of days if you are from the US, i’m not too sure as i’m from the UK! But mine came very quickly considering it was shipped from America.
    Yes please keep us updated with your results. Take care of yourself, Ella x

  19. PeterChua says:

    Hi ella, i’m kinda interested with the things that you mentioned in your blog. hm, i’m suffering from acne for years. sigh.
    well, is it possible to get those products if i’m leaving in Singapore? :)

  20. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    Yes the product ships worldwide, so it shouldn’t be a problem :) Good luck in clearing your acne!

  21. Ryas says:

    omg, im soo glad i found this, my acne soo sounds like yours and i have tried EVERYTING. im on duac gel now and even though its drying up my spots i cant leave the house without some sort of foundation and becase of the duac gel my face is soo dry and makes my face look worse:( i want to get rid of my acne :( i will give this a try :) thank you for the honest pictures :) i just hope it works for me! :)

  22. deej says:


  23. Courtney says:

    Thank-you so much for writing this article. It helps to have a truthful experiment that shows real unedited photos. I have just previously bought this product. It is being sent now :)

  24. Ella says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments, glad you have found that site helpful and could identify, that is exactly why i wanted to create an acne blog :) Good luck with the treatment, please keep me posted. x

  25. Bob Brantley says:

    Fantastic information, and the use of your own pictures is great. This article is truly jammed packed with information. I loved it !!

  26. Kathy says:

    Wow your pictures of transformation are awesome. I am glad you found an acne fix. Pimples are no fun at any age. I’m deff gonna look more into the treatment, v.excited!

  27. Laura says:

    My face has become so bad with spots I’ve had a lot going on in my life recently and I know its down to stress. I’ve always got the odd spot but nothing like this. I’m 27 and feel like a teenager. Intact my skin wasn’t as bad as this when I was a teenager. Will this stuff really work??? Ur results look amazing. But as I’m sure u understand its hard to believe when uve tried so many other products……

  28. Susie says:

    Hi Ella,

    Do you happen to know if this helps with larger, open pores that often appear on the nose, as well as blackheads?

  29. Ella says:

    Hi Susie,

    Yes It does help with larger pours and blackheads etc :)

  30. Ella says:

    Hi Laura,

    Sorry to hear you are suffering with your acne. I know how you feel as I myself tried countless products to clear my acne and failed until trying Exposed. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to acne products, but Exposed skin care seems to have consistently high reviews from it’s users which means it’s working for many people. All you can do if you are uncertain is a little more research and have a good think about it before you try.

    All the best for the future,

    Ella x

  31. Bryan says:

    Hi Ella,

    Exposed Acne Treatment has 9 specific acne products they sell, as seen on their products page. Which one are you using? Should I get a kit instead? I’m a teenager without a job so I’m kind of on a budget here. Glad to see you are still active on this site for over a year.

  32. Ella says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I used the medium sized kit (Expanded). There was plenty of product in there, and I felt it was best value for money in terms of what I needed.
    Hope this helps :)


  33. edward says:

    just ordered today, will post every 5 days with updates…looks promising though!

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